WATCH: Stephen Colbert Explains The Whopperito, Burger King’s Whopper / Burrito Combo

Stephen Colbert is back after a week-long vacation, and he’s giddy with excitement. He spent the week drinking and fishing. What kind of fish did he catch? He’s not sure, because “once you deep fry it, you can’t really tell what it is.”

And, “speaking of deep-frying,” (perfect segue, by the way, Stephen) “Burger King is testing a new menu item that combines…prepare yourself…a Whopper, and a burrito, called the Whopperito…it’s great if you love both those foods, and hate yourself.”

Colbert acknowledges, correctly, that “it sounds like a suicide pact more than anything else.”

The king of segues acknowledges that the new creation “probably won’t have a lot of hispanic fans,” which leads him into a segment about Donald Trump. Watch the entire video below:




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