WATCH: Stolen Golden Cookie Saga Comes To An End

All is well in Hanover, for the infamous golden cookie — stolen in the dead of the night from the Bahlsen cookie factory, and ransomed by a German Cookie Monster who demanded a ransom in cookies (for the children, obviously) — has been returned!

The “Krümelmonster” (German for “Cookie Monster”), who sent a ransom note promising to return the cookie in exchange for a large cookie donation to the local children’s hospital, felt his cookie heart grow three sizes when he saw the following (courtesy of Grub Street):

[Bahlsen CEO] Werner M. Bahlsen appeared once more in front of the press, surrounded by yellow boxes of Leibniz biscuits, offering to donate 52,000 packages to charities. While the camera flashes went off, he cried.

When he saw this in his lair, the “Krümelmonster” started crying, apparently, and another note was sent to the police explaining the gilded biscuit would be returned, “because Werni (Mr Bahlsen) loves the biscuit as much as I do and misses it so much he keeps crying.”

Das ist ein Very Sad/Happy Story, and it ends with the Krümelmonster leaving the golden cookie hanging around the neck of a horse statue, tied with a red bow. (Given the weirdness of the entire affair, though, authorities have taken the cookie to a lab to test its authenticity.) Don’t believe us? Look at this video:

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