Chinese Student Orders Cooked Sushi at Jiro, Labeled a ‘National Disgrace’ By The Internet at Large

A 23-year-old Chinese student named Chuhan Lin apparently has the most enviable job on earth, as it required her to eat a dinner for five at Sukiyabashi Jiro while studying in Japan. Among the things she didn’t realize about dining at the world’s most preeminent sushi restaurant are: 1) It’s not okay to show up 40 minutes late with no apology; 2) sushi is raw fish and no it cannot be cooked and prepared to go when you realize you find raw fish gross; 3) The Internet is not the best sounding board when you wish to complain about how Jiro Ono won’t make you cooked sushi.

Lin posted a cranky review online and later removed it after being labeled a “national disgrace” by commenters, “because the whole world is scolding me.”

WELL YEAH. She reportedly went back to the restaurant later to apologize, and the staff was said to be friendly, inviting her to return when she had acquired a taste for sushi.

Asked if there is hope for the future, The Braiser Staff replied by slowly lowering their faces into a vat of SSRIs.

[Rocket News24 h/t The Daily Meal]

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