Subway Tests Hummus In Continued Effort To Make Us Hate Our Favorite Things

Okay. Alright. Okay. It wasn’t a problem when Subway started putting bacon on sandwiches because there are plenty of shittily-sourced bacon sandwiches all over the world. It was a problem when they started putting avocado on sandwiches, because, come on; does anything sound less appealing or more unsavory than Subway Sandwich Shop avocado? No. It sounds like a bastardization of the noble mushfruit.

In their continued effort to appeal to The Health-Conscious Youngs, Subway has now begun testing hummus on their sandwiches. Frankly, hummus on a white bread sandwich sounds about as bad as Subway avocado, but please, just go inside your mind-palaces for a moment and think about the consistency and flavor of Subway-grade hummus. Is hummus ruined for you yet? WELCOME TO OUR WORLD.

[Bloomberg Businessweek]

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