WATCH: Richard Blais’ Superbowl Pigskin Burger Left The Sklar Brothers ‘Mouthf*cked’

Have you ever wondered what it looks like when a Top Chef falls from grace? Well, it could look like this. But it could also look like a Top Chef winner letting a couple of comedians-cum-sportscasters boss him around in the kitchen. To what levels did Richard Blais have to sink in his Superbowl Pigskin episode of Burger Lab? Cheese sauce foam and a condiment called srirancha.

Now, listen. We appreciate the saltyfattycrunchysweet combo a pork-on-pork-on-pork-on-pork burger packs, and we’d certainly never kick bacon marmalade out of our bed buns, but we draw the line at uninviting lettuce and tomato from the party just because they don’t involve pork product. Boys, boys, boys! The veg provides balance, texture, and fat-cutting bite. They are key and integral components of one’s pork party. Let the professional do his work, please.

Check out the Superbowl Pigskin edition of Burger Lab with Richard Blais below. P.S. Those goats on your aprons are cute, Sklars!

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