WATCH: Lobster Feminist Richard Blais Reminds Us Why Female Lobsters Taste Better

On this week’s Burger Lab, Richard Blais built for us a decadent surf-and-turf-inspired lob-steer burger, complete with humanely slaughtered lobster bits, lovingly poached in a snail butter jacuzzi, and then laid atop a beef burger patty, whose oblong shape to “evoke the spirit of a lobster roll” made us a little uncomfortable. But we digress. The most important thing we learned in the Lab today is that Richard Blais is a Lobster Feminist. Well, more accurately, he’s a Lobster Misandrist.

“A female lobster tastes better than a male lobster, and also we’re gonna get more meat out of a female, because her tail is wider,” Blais advised.

Good job, lady lobsters. Thank you for rocking those wide tails proudly, so that we may better enjoy your buttery insides. We respect you.

You can check out the latest Burger Lab With Richard Blais in its entirety below.

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