Susan Feniger And Mary Sue Milliken To Receive Lifetime Achievement Award

While there has never really been an award specifically for “Leaving An Indelible Mark On The Restaurant Industry By Being Extroardinarily Successful Chefs Who Happened To Be Female In A Time When It Was Difficult To Be One,” we’ll bestow that unofficial title upon Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken, the legendary LA chefs who will receive a real award this Friday from the California Restaurant Association: the Elizabeth Burns Lifetime Achievement Award.

Known for their groundbreaking CITY Restaurant, theirĀ Food Network series Too Hot Tamales, their legendary friendship, and their small Border Grill empire, Feniger and Milliken’s last notable appearance was on seasons two and three of Top Chef Masters, before they both rode off into the distance on motorcycles as outlaws to rob champagne from trains or something.

Tickets to the gala dinner at Santa Monica’s Hotel Del Mar are $225. Some of the proceeds from the dinner will go to the California Restaurant Association Educational Foundation and ProStart programs in the Los Angeles area, which, hooray for the children in the kitchens.
[h/t LATimes]

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