Susan Feniger To Release New Book About GlobalStreet Food

She’s been cooking street food-inspired cuisine for over thirty years, but adorable hippie-cum-TV Chef Susan Feniger has finally compiled her recipes into a book. ┬áThe former Top Chef Masters finalist’s tome, “Susan Feniger’s Street Food,” will be released July 17th.

For her latest Hollywood restaurant, Street, Feniger got to travel all over the world (lucky!) and sample food from street carts in major cities from Turkey to Vietnam. When Street opened in 2009, it won raves from everyone from the esteemed LA Times to the rabble on Yelp, and Feniger’s unique mashup of cuisines pretty much made most people scream “Let’s turn this into a book!”

And so they did. It promises to pair Feniger’s personal stories and photographs of her experiences with the dishes she breaks down. We’re kind of waiting to see what “Turkish Doughnuts with Rose Hip Jam” taste like.

The book is available for preorder on

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