WATCH: Susan Feniger Pacifies Squabbling A Kathy Lee and Hoda With Moonshine

It’s usually with horror that many a celebrity chef meets a tipsy Kathy Lee and Hoda on The Fourth Hour of Today. Between having only four minutes to demo a dish and anticipating the various and sundry elements of a live segment that could go awry, adding in two pinot-soaked middle-aged hostesses likely serves to only trip up guests even more. But not Susan Feniger.

The Top Chef Master embraced Kathy Lee and Hoda’s bickering, drinking, and general zaniness by playing referee to a battle of too many cooks in the kitchen. She even closed out her miso-glazed chicken wing demo with moonshine shots all around. That’s the spirit, Susan! And the liquor seemed to quiet KL&H’s squabbling, too.

Check out the clip below, in case you needed another reminder that tomorrow is, in fact, WINESDAY WEDNESDAY.

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