WATCH: Taco Bell Turns Alaska Hoax Into Marketing Gold With Flying Food Truck

How does one, as a crappy fast food chain known for its Grade Z taco meat, overcome a relatively horrific reputation in the restaurant industry? Pull a ridiculous stunt, videotape it, and set it to some Explosions in the Sky and voila! You come off looking like you’ve just airlifted medical supplies to needy deployed military servicemen!

After a hoax swept Bethel, Alaska, convincing residents that a Taco Bell was soon opening in their small town (the next closest one was 350 miles away in Anchorage), Taco Bell took pity on the townspeople, who were crushed once they realized there would be no Doritos Locos tacos in their future. The chain airlifted 10,000 tacos to the town from the nearest Anchorage location, and set up a food truck distributing them to the people.

But, since they were clearly planning to document their stunt in order to show off what benevolent gods run Taco Bell, they had to go all out. Behold the food truck they let dangle from a helicopter for a 350-mile flight, only to touch it down safely for the sodium-starved folks of Bethel!

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