Taco Bell to Offer Deep-Fried Cap’n Crunch Cereal, Officially Drunk Off Breakfast

Oh, Taco Bell. You somehow figure out ways to make us talk about your crazy menu again, and again, and again. When will we ever be able to figure out what a “Waffle Taco” really is? But now we’re concerned that you’ve drank too much maple syrup and are officially drunk off of breakfast.

In today’s news of total gluttony, Taco Bell is said to be testing a new deep-fried breakfast treat made of Capn’ Crunch cereal and “sweet cereal milk” icing. It’s supposedly a riff off of a Cinnabon Delight, another deep-fried treat, we guess? It’s available in Bakersfield, Calif. for now, but may get a nationwide release if it’s anything like the Waffle Taco.

It’s the latest “innovation” (we use that word lightly) from Taco Bell to go after that millennial demographic, reports Nation’s Restaurant News. And now we’ve learned a new word for millennial that we can never un-learn; thanks Taco Bell:

“It’s a nostalgic throwback brand from when you were a kid,” said Amanda Clark, Taco Bell’s senior director of marketing. “We feel like it will appeal to what we call ‘kid-ults,’ or the kid-adults out there.”

We just can’t. Please someone give us a breakfast egg and cheese before we start throwing things. NOT a deep-fried anything.

[Nation’s Restaurant News]

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