Taco Bell’s Fancy Taco Restaurant Has Craft Sodas, Lobster Tacos, Steak ‘Fritas,’ And We Feel Weird

A whole lot of hipster-ness in one taco restaurant, but what else can we expect from a Taco Bell spinoff? Mason Jar Slurpees? (Oh wait, there are mason jars.)

Foodbeast has the first look at the new U.s. Taco Co., the new “fast casual concept” from Taco Bell to open in Huntington Beach, California. So many Dia Del Los Muertos skulls! So many chalkboards! So many bright colors! Says Foodbeast, “Inspired by travel and foodie culture, the menu takes America’s most iconic dishes, from philly cheesesteaks [Editor’s note: NOT MORE PHILLY CHEESESTEAK ANYTHING] to fried chicken, and transforms them in a way only Taco Bell knows how. That is, by making them into tacos that aren’t really tacos, but taste pretty bomb anyway.”

But really it’s the menu that’s the shining star on this hipster nonsense: a “1%-er” lobster taco (get it?), a “Wanna Get Lei’d” taco with mahi mahi, and a “Southern Squealer” barbecue taco. Plus steak “fritas!” That’s steak fries, if you really can’t figure out the world for “fries” in any language. (It’s always our goal when we travel abroad.)


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Image via @ustacos

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