Taiwainese Chef Murders Sister And Pickles Her Severed Head, Because Of Course

Chefs commit murder in inextricably chefy ways, as we’ve already learned in our relatively new foray into chef crime. So do we need to feign shock and dismay over this Taiwanese chef who covered up the murder of his sister by pickling her head and dumping it in a public toilet? Probably not.

Chen Chia-fu, 37, took out five life insurance policies on his sister, amounting to around $151,000, before allegedly murdering and decapitating her, preserving her head in several layers of salt, and finally dumping it in a public restroom.

Police discovered the head after receiving an anonymous note detailing its location, along with a request for a proper burial, believed to be written by Chen Chia-fu. We’re not yet clear on how this head wasn’t discovered by someone needing to use the restroom first, but, sure, okay.

Creepiest of all? The rest of the body hasn’t been found. We assume it’s been properly brined somewhere, so the usual sensory clues won’t kick in for awhile.

[New York Daily News]

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