Tonight In Food TV: Team-Switching And Tattling On Hell’s Kitchen And MasterChef

Tonight on Hell’s Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay has transferred Roshni to the boys’ team, which results in an almost-polite service in the presence of a lady, while the MasterChef contestants face “what Satan himself would fear” while cooking for armed servicemen in a military barracks.

The men try to act on their best behavior with Roshni in the kitchen while Dana‘s constant berating drives Kimmie to tattle on her to Gordon when she butchers a steak (and not in the good way). Any takers on how many beef wellingtons are going to go out under/over-cooked this week?

Later, team challenges are just beginning on MasterChef, where the home cooks face an outdoor challenge with helicopter-dropped ingredients, cooking in some sort of military camp. A snoozy gimmick to start non-audition week, but apparently fan favorite/blind contestant Christine Ha might be in danger of giving up her white apron.

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