TGI Fridays Launches Food Truck, The Medium Is Officially Dead

Stop. No. Back away from buying that used food truck. Yes, we know it’s a cheap way to launch your restaurant concept in today’s tough economy. Yes, we know you can promote it with social media to gain a hip urban following. Yeah, we know Jon Favreau just made a critically acclaimed film about it.

But TGI Fridays is launching a food truck this summer. Do you really want to be the guy who got with the program the same summer as TGI Fridays? According to a press release:

“This summer, TGI Fridays is taking its new handcrafted menu to the streets with the launch of its first-ever Food Truck, serving up complimentary samples of delicious food and drinks available at Fridays.

As part of this nationwide voyage, Fridays is also identifying and highlighting the most compelling handcrafters in Boston and across the country. Fridays has enlisted a group of talented bloggers, Instagrammers and videographers to document and share both the truck’s travels and the unique stories of these incredible handcrafters via the Fridays social media channels and a tour-specific Tumblr page.

The Fridays Food Trucks celebrate the launch of a new menu at Fridays, including recent additions such as fresh steaks and all-natural chicken. Visiting music, arts and community festivals throughout the country, the Fridays Food Truck is everywhere you want to be this summer.”

$20 and a TGI brownie sundae says “talented bloggers, Instagrammers and videographers” = “unpaid college interns.”

[Summer of Fridays]

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