WATCH: What Happens In The Aviary’s Ice Room?

In the latest Oscar-vying documentary creation to come from Grant Achatz’s kitchen (or, in this case, ice room), we get to see exactly what role ice plays in The Aviary’s cocktails. FYI, don’t call their bartenders mixologists. They don’t like that.

You can, however, feel free to call “The Ice Guy” just that, since no one who works there appears to know his real name (kind of like the bread guy in Kitchen Confidential, but less creepy). He creates and stocks 25-35 different kinds of ice in varying shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors. Sous chef Micah Melton admits that 80% of the ice’s role in cocktails at Aviary is to add flavor rather than dilute drinks. For example, margaritas are served with Fresno chili ice cubes, and get spicier as the ice melts.

Occasionally, ice cubes are the vessels for drinks. Because hollow ice filled with alcohol is just how Grant Achatz’s kooky brain works.

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