WATCH: Old Fashioneds At The Aviary Come Served With A Tiny, Adorable Slingshot

Here’s your bootleg Alinea/Next/The Aviary table-side presentation video of the day (which is our favorite genre of Bootleg Of The Day): The Aviary’s cocktail known as “In the Rocks.” (This also serves as Your Friday Cute. We’re killing two birds with one stone and this tiny slingshot.)

We’ve been known to spiral down the YouTube rabbit hole of time-wasting for hours watching diners’ iPhone recordings of the whimsical treats at any and all of Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas’ collabs, and today’s produced an awesome video of an Old Fashioned, served Aviary-style. It comes trapped in a ball of ice, which the imbiber must break with this teensy little slingshot. It’s extremely adorbs. Watch, mouth-water, squeal, seethe with jealousy, pour yourself an Old Fashioned in your corner office if you’re Don Draper, etc., etc.

[h/t Forbes]

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