The Bachelor Has Gone Way Downhill: Last Call

You could go home right now…or you could stay in your office a little longer to avoid being outside in this weather. We’re gonna go with option #2, and we’ve got your reason to stay. Here’s what you need to read before you leave the office today.



Does anyone else remember the bachelor dates being all hot air balloon rides and private Matt White concerts? Wasn’t that the worst, all those exclusive and awesome experiences? If your answer to that question was yes, then now’s the time for you to get on the show. The dates now involve Egg McMuffins!

Grub Street


While we don’t have any new confirmed details for Anthony Bourdain‘s market, we do have his wish list. He used The List App and made a list called “Food I’m Thinking About.” He’s got us thinking about it too.

First We Feast


Your parmesan cheese isn’t what you think it is. The FDA has revealed that the cheese that you think is 100% parmesan may have all kinds of crazy things in it, including wood.

Vice Munchies

diet coke

Russia may ban Coca Cola over a controversial ad. Probably not the worst idea to ban sugary sodas, but they may be doing it for the wrong reasons.

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