comScore Chefs Tweet During Hurricane Sandy

The Best And Worst Tweets To Come Out Of Hurricane Sandy


Even though people may be losing power, streets may be flooding, and markets may be closing for days, Hurricane Sandy is not an excuse to be shoddy in maintaining your social media presence, people. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of what you should or should not be tweeting during this storm, especially if you’re a chef on the Eastern seaboard.

DON’T: Pimp your show.

DO: Offer to shelter your staff in your MAGICAL BAKERY OF LOVE AND WARMTH.

DON’T: Make us all jealous of your tranquil weather and Indian summer harvest.

DO: Inspire your followers to take control of their lives.

DON’T: Get too sad about the out-of-town couple that you had to turn away from your restaurant.

DO: Become a human panda.


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