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The Best Comedy Moments Involving Food, Part 5

Happy Friday to all! We’re back with more of the best comedy moments involving food- yes, there really are that many. You’ll notice that we changed the headline from “Stand-Up Bits” to “Comedy Moments.” That’s because we have an Amy Schumer moment that isn’t stand-up but that was way, way too good not to include. Plus, it meant we got to watch the sketch at work. There’s also a Seinfeld moment that doesn’t exactly qualify as stand-up, either. If you don’t like it, oh well.

And now, the best comedy moments involving food, part 5:

1. Eddie Murphy – McDonald’s

Eddie Murphy’s mom’s burgers are not McDonald’s burgers.


2. Inside Amy Schumer The Foodroom


3. Jim Gaffigan – Waffle House

“If you’ve never been to a Waffle House, just imagine a gas station bathroom that serves waffles.”


4. Bill Burr – Make My Sandwich

“I just gave you 100% of the money to make 100% of the sandwich.”


5. Louis C.K. – When Your Kid Won’t Eat


6. Iliza Schlesinger – Eating Around Men

“You ordered like a Koala, you may as well eat like one.”


7. Jim Gaffigan – Kale

“Can we stop with the kale propaganda? That stuff tastes like bug spray.”


8. Seinfeld  The Check at The End of The Meal.

“When you’re hungry, money has no value.”



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