The Best, Worst, and Weirdest Food Commercials of Super Bowl XLVIII (So Far)


Ah, the one time per year that you actually want to watch the commercials instead of skip them on your DVR and technological gadgets. While some actually tune in to watch, you know, the sporting event, many of us tune in to see what fresh hell advertisers have us in store for. Because nothing will ever get weirder, cuter, and dumbfounding-er than a Super Bowl commercial.

And of course, the food and beer (or should we say Budweiser) commercials of the Super Bowl have brought out the wacky and weird before. (We’ll forever be traumatized by the Budweiser frogs and “WHASSSSSUPPPPPPPP” — just sayin’.) Here are the food commercials we’ve hunted down so far from this year’s Super Bowl; we can’t wait to see what else will be airing today.

Most Adorable/ Heartwarming / Hopefully Restoring Faith in Humanity: Cheerios

The faux family that caused a controversy for being biracial *gasp* is back in action, with more adorableness. Seriously, if anyone really gets into it with this commercial — given the backlash Cheerios faced after airing the first commercial featuring the family — we’re throwing in the towel on society.

Most “Hidden Camera” Advertising: Bud Light

Of course an “unsuspecting” dude just happens to accept a Bud Light from a girl, with the promise “to see what happens.” OF COURSE that “whatever happens” happens to include a sex-crazed bachelorette party. Reality! We’re not stupid, guys.

Most Random Cameo: Bud Light

We didn’t realize Arnold Schwarzenneger was still, like, a thing. But we’ll take a weird outfit, we guess?

Runner-Up for Most Random Cameo: Newcastle

Our girl-crush, Anna Kendrick, stars in a “non Super Bowl” Super BOwl comercial, in which she’s told she’s not hot enough to be a beer girl. Except that you are a beer girl in a Super Bowl commercial … whatever, just bust out a rendition of “Cups” and all will be forgiven.

Most Colbert-y: Wonderful Pistachios

Whatever, we’ll always take an extra dose of Stephen Colbert when we can.

Most Weirdly Suggestive: Doritos

Forgive us for our minds residing in the gutter, but … EW. Please put your fingers away.

Runner Up for Most Weirdly Suggestive: Butterfinger

“Cup therapy?” … No.

Hottest Cameo: Dannon Oikos

It’s not just the Full House reunion we love, it’s really John Stamos. John, you can do no wrong.

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