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WATCH: The Chew Hosts Get Verklempt Over Antonia Lofaso’s Deep Fried Fluffernutter

If you’re looking for the fasted way to turn off The Chew host and health-advocating daughter of Dr. Oz, Daphne, make a sandwich on white bread. (Homegirl hives out when presented with processed foods.) Add some marshmallow fluff to that sandwich, bread it in panko, then deep fry it, and she’s bound to have a conniption before your very eyes.

Luckily, The Chew’s cameramen were prepared for this, so they expertly kept her off-camera and un-mic-ed, lest her protestations ruin Top Chef All-Star Antonia Lofaso’s delightful late night sweet treat. She and Carla Hall remembered the good old days of being tied together for Quickfire Challenges on Top Chef, while Antonia demoed a decadent twist on the east coast classic: fluffernutter sandwiches. The recipe for the deep-fried version can be found both in her book Busy Moms Cook which hits shelves today, and in her Los Angeles resto Black Market Liquor Bar.

Check out the clip below to see Antonia’s inspiration for the dish. Feel free to imagine the faces Daphne is making off-camera in your head. We’re picturing Clinton and Mario with their hands firmly clapped over her mouth the entire segment.

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