WATCH: The Chew’s ‘Drag-Cam’ Compares Batali and Symon’s Lady Costumes of Yore

As you’ve probably already heard, the cast of The Chew dressed up for today’s episode as their Daphne Oz-suggested Spice Girls counterparts, and it really is uncanny how well the Spices match up with the hosts’ personalities.

Mario Batali dressed as Ginger Spice.
Carla Hall dressed as Scary Spice.
Michael Symon dressed as Sporty Spice.
Clinton Kelly dressed as Posh Spice.
And pregnant Daphne Oz dressed as Baby Spice (GET IT?).

But by far the best part of the show was its opening segment “drag-cam,” in which Clinton compared and contrasted the male hosts’ drag performances this year, with their drag performances as the hosts of The View from last year. Yeah, production keeps having them dress in drag. Matt Lauer’s pain is shared.

Check out the split screen goodness below and cast your own personal votes over whether Michael Symon makes a better Mel C. or a better Joy Behar.

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