WATCH: Elisabeth Hasselbeck Gives The Chew Hosts A Makeover

Did the hosts of The Chew really need head-to-toe makeovers for less than $100 comprised of sweatshop threads purchased from Old Navy? Probably not, but they sure do make great models! The View host Elisabeth Hasselbeck made over Carla Hall, Michael Symon, Mario Batali, Clinton Kelly, and Daphne Oz with oh-so-chic fashions from Old Navy, Joe Fresh, and Loehmann’s today for a segment on budgeting. Apparently, she normally does this with her own co-hosts, but Barbara Walters breaks into hives every time her chauffeur drives past an Old Navy, so The Chew crew graciously stepped in.

Now, we’re not going to get judgey(-er) about shopping at Old Navy. But we are going to suggest that when you’re making over a celebrity in an effort to promote such an affordable wardrobe, you dress them in clothes that fit.

Carla, being a statuesque former model, was swimming in her houndstooth pants and button down. Michael Symon’s pants were emasculatingly too long (he looked painfully short). Mario Batali didn’t even have the decency to ditch his khaki shorts and crocs. This is the epitome of a makeover fail.

The only person who looked great was Clinton Kelly, who, frankly, would look put together in a Juicy velour tracksuit.

Check out the shopping and execution clips below. Thanks, Elisabeth?

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