Sushi Chef Busted in The Cove Pleads Guilty To Selling Endangered Whale Sushi

Remember The Hump’s head chef Kiyoshiro Yamamoto, who was caught selling illegal, federally protected Sei whale meat labeled “fatty tuna” in the Santa Monica airport restaurant during the course of the 2010 Oscar-winning documentary The Cove? Remember how previous reports stated that he was facing 67 years in prison for allowing the illegal sale to continue for three years?

Well, he pleaded guilty to three misdemeanor charges of “conspiracy and offering to, and selling, a marine mammal product for an unauthorized purchase.” Mysteriously enough, he now only faces up to three years in federal prison, plus fines and community service. Although, we suppose, that seems like a more logical sentence than seven decades for tuna fraud.

[CBS h/t Eater]

Santa Monica Chef Busted For Selling Whale Sushi Faces 67 Years In Prison

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