The Danny Bowien Rat Infestation Lawsuit Heats Up

This time, it’s Danny Bowien’s former landlord of New York’s Mission Chinese, Abraham Noy, claiming that it was the chef that attracted the rats. Hoo boy.

According to the New York Post, Noy has brought a countersuit against the chef, after Bowien sued him in August over Rat Infestation 2013. From the Post:

Noy notes that the city Department of Health shut down Bowien not just for having rodents but for conditions that attracted the vermin in the first place — unclean surfaces, open garbage cans, dented cans of food and improperly refrigerated supplies. …

Noy, in his countersuit, says Bowien not only was the one responsible for the vermin but also for a $164,000 tab in unpaid rent, taxes, water bills and other various fees.

Oh no. Hopefully things will go better with the new landlord at the new, opening-soon location of Mission Chinese.

[New York Post]

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