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The Inevitable Anti-Trump Beer is Almost Here


The food industry has been capitalizing on the 2016 election in a major way. Restaurants have been selling Trump Burgers and three-inch Trump Dogs, Ben & Jerry’s has made a Bernie Sanders Iced cream flavor, and many other establishments have run election-themed promotions to drum up business.

Now, it’s time for beer to get its turn. 5 Rabbit, a Latin-American themed brewery will be releasing a beer called “Chinga tu Pelo,” which translates to “f*ck your hair.” Hmm. Wonder which presidential candidate that one’s about.

If you think that’s good, the origin story is even better. The beer was originally supposed to be called Trump Golden Ale, and would be served at Trump Towers as a house beer. But recent comments by Donald Trump that disparage hispanic immigrants led Andres Araya, the owner of 5 Rabbit to change his mind. He’s now severed all ties with Trump Towers and will be bottling the new beer.

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