The John Salt Hits Back Over Public Breakup With Ben Spalding

Yesterday, we brought over some English restaurant breakup drama in the form of 25-year-old prodigy and rich person chef Ben Spalding severing ties with the John Salt, a London pub. While reports yesterday from Spalding’s camp indicated that the young chef left due to creative differences, the owners of the John Salt are hitting back with its own version of the breakup story.

“It did not end over us asking him to cook ‘burgers and chips,'” the 580 Limited restaurant group said in an email. “We never did this – we loved the food Ben cooked, and the whole team put their hearts and souls into making this residency work.

“Our differences with Ben were not about the food offer, which obviously now has to take a new direction due to his departure, but was performance related. It was important that we all worked together as a team, and not individuals. There was nothing we did to make his position ‘untenable’.”

Oof. Judging by the spate of tweets from the haute cuisine-inclined chef, Spalding believes otherwise — “we are Better off working with people who honour agreements,” he tweeted to a supporter — so we’ll sit back and let this breakup drama play out on its own.

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