WATCH: A Sneak Peek Of Anthony Bourdain Falling In Love With Stephanie Izard On The Layover

Why does Anthony Bourdain look like he’s in pain? That’s his love face, silly! The season-long awkward breakup that was No Reservations: The Final Tour has come to a close, but we’ve still got a season of The Layover left. On Monday night’s episode, Tony visits Top Chef Stephanie Izard’s Chicago restaurant The Girl and the Goat. He’s immediately surprised by the size of the place, and counts ten line cooks in the kitchen.

But the truly remarkable part of this clip, in our opinions, is Bourdain’s seventh-grader-in-love sincerity when describing Stephanie. He’s totally devoid of snark and has nothing but adorable praises for the lone female Top Chef winner.

Check out the clip below. (Bonus: Chicagoans, you get some compliments, too, for being the only city in America who wholeheartedly embraced modernist cuisine.)

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