WATCH: Eric Greenspan’s New Show Marries Crab Brains And Grilled Cheese, Is Perfection

“You cannot ask for fresher seafood than when you’re ripping the head off a newly boiled crab and drinking its brains like a gulp of the sea.”

So begins Eric Greenspan’s first episode of The Melt Master: A Grilled Cheese Adventure Show, which pretty much guarantees that we — with a flair for the epic — are going to love it.

Basically, he travels around the country finding iconic, delicious mom ‘n’ pop foods (like so many other roadie food shows), and then translates the dish into a really bangin’ grilled cheese sandwich. In this episode, he takes us to his thinking spot, Rabbi Wolfe’s Inspiration Point (incidentally also where he “touched [his] first boobies”), to ponder how crab brains can be delicious in grilled cheese form.

Check out the episode in its entirety below to find out. (Fair warning: upon watching, your diet plan will be screwed.)

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