The ‘Michelin Man’ is Actually a Michelin Woman, and Here’s the Michelin Star Count for Our Favorite Restaurants (Updated)

The New York bigwig restauranteurs are getting calls today from the Michelin Guide, aka the “Michelin Man,” whom we delightfully found out was a woman. (Sorry, Eater New York.)

Heh, heh. Even Mario Batali is like “women 2014!”

And we’re slowly finding out the Michelin star counts for New York restaurants.

Le Bernadin received three stars.

And so did Per Se.

As did Jean-Georges.

We will keep updating the article with more star counts as we see them.

Update: Eater New York has shared all the 1, 2, and 3-starred restaurants in the 2015 Michelin Guide. Among the other 3-starred restaurants? Eleven Madison Park, The Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare, and Masa.


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