comScore Neelys Respond To Paula Deen Racism

The Neelys Respond To Paula Deen Scandal

Statements and commentary from Paula Deen’s former employees, her Food Network/Scripps brethren, and her corporate sponsors have been trickling in since her Accidental Racist Clusterschtupp began forming last week. (Remember that two hours when everyone was like, ‘Oh whatever, it’s just a National Enquirer story’? We miss those two hours.)

Pat and Gina Neely — stars of Food Network’s Down Home With the Neelys, Andrew Zimmern’s favorite unwarranted food celebs, and alleged practitioners of anti-Glenn Beck discrimination — came forward with a statement on ETonline about their fallen Network-mate:

“We were shocked and saddened to learn of the comments from Paula Deen. Racism of any kind from anyone is simply unacceptable and cannot be tolerated…In our own relationship, Paula has shown us kindness and generosity. We trust that Paula’s apologies are sincere and hope there is a positive lesson to be learned from this situation.”

On the dignity scale, they’re ranking classier than Wendy Williams, but weaker than Bobby Flay.


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