The New Colonel Sanders Was A Good Move: Last Call

One day left in the work week! Here’s what you need to see before you head out for the day:


jim gaffigan kfc

Apparently, KFC’sJim GaffiganNorm Macdonald, and Darrell Hammond as Colonel Sanders advertising strategy is working. The company brought the Colonel to their ads for the first time since 1994 in an effort to appeal to millennials. Three out of five millennials have never eaten there. Did not everyone’s elementary school feed them KFC? I’m confused. Anyway, the chain has had six consecutive quarters of growth.

Grub Street


Renato Bialetti, the Italian coffee king who invented the Moka pot died last week at the age of 93. His funeral was this week, and his ashes were on display in- what else- a Moka pot?

First We Feast


You know that thing, where you’re spreading jam on a croissant and then you get to the curved part and it’s so confusing and difficult that you have to get back into bed and start your entire day over? Good news. Tesco is now making its croissants without the curve because British people are too lazy to spread jam on them as they are.

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