The New York Times Snagged The Secret Decoder Ring For The City’s Top Restaurants

It is well known that restaurants and their crews have their own secret language to describe orders, clients, and emergencies on the line. But pop your head into a kitchen and your ears will be assaulted with some phrase like “We’ve got some cupcakes at table 100 flying solo, but Jose is riding the pony, so you need to fire two beany puss,” likely in a Spanish accent.

Confused? You don’t have to be anymore, thanks to the New York Times‘s handy chart detailing the secret language of New York City’s top kitchens.

At The Meatball Shop, you can order “sliders wearing hats” (any food with melted cheese). Over at Del Posto, X.A.D.S.M means “extra assaggi, dessert, and send moscato,” while the most loyal customers at Daniel are nicknamed “The O.G.s” (though we do not believe this would apply to Ice-T). And we have to admit that we’ve spent a bit too much time here reading the list and figuring out ways to weave these phrases into normal sentences at work.

So use your New York Times chart to decode the secret message in the first paragraph! (We promise, promise, promise that the answer isn’t “Be Sure To Drink Your Ovaltine!” If it is, you can shoot my eye out.)


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