The Nicest People Anthony Bourdain Ever Met Were in Iran

Anthony Bourdain is quickly becoming the world’s most unusual war correspondent, and in an interview with Blogs Of War, he shared one of his discoveries: in the harshest of countries, especially the ones whose official policy position is Hating America, he’s met some wonderful, reasonable people. “Unfortunately, another constant is that nice, reasonable people are being ground under the wheel,” he added.

And the nicest people in the world: “Iran was mind-blowing. My crew has NEVER been treated so well–by total strangers everywhere. We had heard that Persians are nice. But nicEST? Didn’t see that coming.”

Its very confusing. Total strangers thrilled to encounter Americans, just underneath the inevitable “Death To America” mural. The gulf between perception and reality, between government policy and what you see on the street and encounter in peoples homes, in restaurants–everywhere–it’s just incredible. There’s no way to be prepared for it.

Trying to reconcile the very real consequences of Iranian foreign and national policy with the way Iran is internally–and who is actually living there, how old they are, what they actually want and believe in. VERY confusing.

So…when is Parts Unknown back?

[Blogs of War]

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