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The Onion Perfectly Captures Your Midwestern Mom’s Aversion to Thai Food

You can no longer get through a large, fluffy pile of scrambled eggs without dousing it in Sriracha, and you revel in mocking your less sophisticated friends’ “Western palate,” so you’ll probably appreciate The Onion’s spot-on report of “Area Mother” who “doesn’t see why Thai people need to make food so spicy.”

This groundbreaking investigative journalism is sure to warm the cockles of your heart as it reminds you of your nearest middle-aged white lady, who also insists that the residents of Thailand “can’t possibly eat like this every day.”

“Honestly, how can they stand this? There’s no way their children eat this spicy food, I’ll tell you that much.”

Oh, mom. Don’t ever change.

[The Onion]

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