The Roca Brothers Take Their Entire Staff on Vacation

It’s not every day that the boss pays for you and your staff to take a five-week road trip through the Americas, but the family behind El Cellar de Can Roca is taking its staff of 30 on a road trip from Houston to Lima, and cooking along the way.

As Josep Roca, one of the three Roca brothers, told the New York Times: “The challenge and the fun is to start from zero and use what we find there, somehow imagine what El Cellar de Can Roca would be like if we had been growing up and living in a place like Mexico City instead.”

Before you ask: no, they’re not going to open an American outpost of El Cellar. Rather, the trip is “an alternative response to the fact that we don’t want to open other restaurants in the world and don’t believe you could have a Can Roca restaurant in Los Angeles without also having the Roca brothers working there,” said Josep. So…sorry, Vegas.

Rather, the trip, sponsored by a Spanish bank, will see the team cooking for patrons in these cities, using local ingredients to inspire and create their dishes while working with American chefs. (The bank is paying for 300 guests to dine with the Roca brothers in Mexico City — a daunting task, In addition, they plan on making it educational, with stops to restaurants and culinary schools on the schedule.


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