Tonight In Food TV: Ottavia Bourdain & BGIC Livestream While Anthony And Ludo Live-Tweet The Taste

Regardless of what happens on The Taste tonight (which, by the looks of the preview clip below, seems to just be a lot of drinking on Team Bourdeezy), we suggest tuning in just to witness the battle of multi-media commentary to ensue. It’s husband against wife + her gay best friends. It’s mentor against mentor. It’s Twitter fight versus video live-stream.

Ottavia Bourdain and the Big Gay Ice Cream duo of Bryan Petroff and Doug Quint will be recording their real-time reactions to tonight’s broadcast of The Taste and streaming them here. (Ottavia is a known Team Ludo sympathizer.)

Anthony Bourdain and Ludo Lefebvre will be live-tweeting the episode in a verbal sparring match advertised by the poster above. How many devices will be required to keep tabs on tonight’s episode? Too many.

Check out a sneak peek below.

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