The Taste Season Finale Ratings Hit All-Time Series Low

That dull thud you hear is the clunky demise of The Taste, which, we think we can safely assume, won’t be back for another season, in spite of the perfect marriage of Bourdain and Lawson at the helm.

The series kicked off with promise, scoring ABC’s highest premiere ratings in two years. But the numbers tanked quickly afterward, and stayed in the gutter, all the way to the bitter finale, which screeched to a 3.36 million viewer halt. Rough.

Our briefly brainstormed suggestions for next time: replace Malarkey (but then who would we make fun of?); put Nigella in some jewel tones (not that she doesn’t look effortlessly spectacular in the ubiquitous black and red get-ups she was sporting this season); sub-title Ludo; broadcast the Bourdain family/Big Gay Ice Cream live-stream viewing party in some sort of ABC bonus app.

Bye forever, The Taste. We had fun watching chefs like Jose Andres, Gabrielle Hamilton, Mario Carbone, and Rich Torrisi on network primetime while it lasted.

[Huffington Post]


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