WATCH: The Taste Mentors Get Bromantic Over Rooster Testicles, Happy Valentine’s Day

Nothing screams (b)romance like Anthony Bourdain lobbing rooster testicle-related double entendres at an uncomfortable Ludo Lefebvre. Especially when it’s accompanied by Marcus Samuelsson slowly fading off-camera, and Lee watching on in smirking bemusement. It’s maybe the most testosterone-charged flirtation we’ve seen on The Taste all season, and it’s definitely going to give you warm tingles in your special areas if you’re feeling a bit cold and lonely this Valentine’s Day. Check out the clip below, courtesy of The Taste app.

From Kinetic Content: This clip via ‘The Taste’ app, an organic and continually new companion to the show that keeps you in touch with your favorite mentors, guests, contestants, dishes, and all the dishing that goes on off set! And, unlike other static apps, there is fresh content all the time, all for free. For iPhone | For Android

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