WATCH: And the Winner of The Taste Season 2 Is…

Last night on The Taste, Lee, Louise, Marina, and Jeff faced off in the two-hour Season 2 finale for the title, a golden spoon trophy, glory for their mentors, and some cash. In the first leg, Jacques Pepin judged two spoons from each contestant — one representing a “rich” dish and one representing a “poor” dish — ultimately eliminating Jeff in a blind tasting.

So, the finale left Bourdain in the game with Lee as his only hope against Ludo’s two remaining ladies. After a three-course “breakfast, lunch, and dinner” themed tasting, Lee came in third, to everyone’s surprise, and it was between silent-but-deadly home cook Marina and food stylist Louise for the crown. (Holla atcha all-lady final two.) After a tense period of Nigella hovering her hand over the button, the winner was finally unveiled: Louise for Team Ludo! Check out the clip below for the big reveal.

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