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The Taste Season 3 Now Casting

The Taste is now casting its third season with open calls in Los Angeles, Austin, Seattle, Boston, and Chicago. (Sorry, New York, but EVERYONE IS TIRED OF YOU.) On the upside, we’ll probably get much better facial hair than in previous seasons.

The judging panel will stay intact from last season, so your preposterously enormous spoon of food will be fighting for the affections of Nigella Lawson, Anthony Bourdain, Marcus Samuelsson, and Ludo Lefebvre.

If you’re unable to attend an open call, you can send in a video audition and an application instead. There’s also this handy pre-registration form if you want to expedite your process. (Amusingly, someone’s well-meaning mom seems to have created the gender options on the form, because your dropdown choices are “Male,” “Female,” or “Transgendered,” which, thanks for playing, but try again.)

Best of luck in the kitchen thunderdome; may the odds be ever in your favor; etc., etc.; we hope Marcus Samuelsson wears a cool hat for you.

[The Taste Casting]

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