WATCH: A Comprehensive Guide To Seducing The Taste Mentors

Last night’s episode of The Taste was all about seduction. The upside to this is that we now have a thorough guide to ensnaring three of the sexiest food personalities on TV and Brian Malarkey. The downside is that contestants decided to share their own weird proclivities.

Examples include Gregg “The Douche” Drusinsky, of Team Ludo, dreamily saying things like “I find land animals to be very masculine” out loud, and Lauren of Team Nigella admitting that she’s cooking out of her comfort zone on this challenge because she “took a vow of purity when [she] was very young” and is still a virgin. Cut to a Lauren’s Virginity Twitter account.

Also, Gregg patiently explained what “horny” meant to Ludo Lefebvre, which might be one of the greatest exchanges on the show to date.

Check out the train wreck below.

Here’s your sexy bonus. Remember when this happened? Of course you do. Well, here’s the polished, glossy, non-bootleg version of that scene from last night’s episode. Just as good? Even better.

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