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The Top 10 Chefs You Need To Know In Madison, Wisconsin

In part three of our series highlighting the chefs of America’s smaller cities (last week we visited Nashville,) we’re going north — waaaaaay north, to the college town of Madison. While it lets its bigger, brassier sister city Milwaukee take the spotlight with its beers, the capitol city of Wisconsin has, over the past few decades, grown into a fiercely locavore city with a sprawling network of farmers, purveyors, and artisans — as well as a restaurant scene which takes pride in showing off their home-grown products. It’s San Francisco with more layers (both in terms of flavor and clothing), basically, and a few chefs who’ve grabbed the national spotlight.

If we missed a few chefs — and when you’ve only got ten spots, you’re bound to do so — let us know! And if your town has ten chefs the country needs to know about, tip us, why doncha?

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