The Wrath the Nutelasagna Brought: Allison Robicelli’s Dessert Blowing Up New York City, World


So much so that our gal and favorite baker Allison Robicellis had to address everyone’s concerns on Twitter.

Actually, this is more the wrath that the Cronut brought: once a food item becomes so popular that it simply can’t meet up with the demand, it wreaks havoc on food media a very hungry public. What happens when a mom and pop bakery, like Robicelli’s Bakery, hits the bigtime with a food everyone can’t stop talking about? Well, you run out of stuff.

But Robicelli does what she does best, and that is in being awesome and continuing to whip up some homemade Nutelelasgna. (Which, by the way, sounds incredible: cannoli custard, Nutella, chopped chocolate, roasted nuts and homemade marshmallows stuffed in between lasagna sheets?! Are we dreaming this?!) And so she answers all of people’s questions for the dessert that has blown up:

We sort of can’t believe that someone asked this. Nutella is made of hazelnuts! IT HAS “NUT” IN THE NAME.

Rich people problems, eh?

Guys, Syracuse (the closest of the bunch) IS A SIX HOUR DRIVE FROM NEW YORK CITY. You must be too desperate for these things.

Already setting her apart from Dominique Ansel and the absurd “at home” Cronut recipe.

YESSS YESS YESS Anything with Nick Lachey yesssss.

This is where we feel for the Robicellis gang. They’re not Dunkin’ Donuts, alright? And they’re not machines! Let them create their Nutelasagna in peace and be joyful that you even get to enjoy such a thing!

We. Cannot. Wait.

We sort of hope that the Nutelasagna never jumps the shark, but for the sanity of Robicellis et. al, we sort of hope it does. Stay sane out there and tip your baker well!

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