There is Salmonella Everywhere: Last Call

First We Feast

First Chipotle, and now Trader Joe’s? The snack heaven/utopia/kingdom is pulling cashews from its shelves because of a possible salmonella outbreak.


Speaking of Chipotle (and of salmonella), the company will now be offering its employees paid sick days to prevent employees from spreading illness to customers. YUCK to all thoughts of what was going on before.

Grub Street


In May of 2015, New York State passed a law saying that it’s okay for dogs to be on restaurant patios. Now, New York City’s restrictions on the law may make it impossible for you to bring your pet to dinner.


Madison Square Garden’s food options just got way better. David Chang’s Fuku opens there tonight. Within a week, MSG-area dining went from being THE WORST to pretty great.



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