There’s a Guy Fieri Chrome Extension Now, the Interwebz Are Now Complete

Because while you’re dicking around on Facebook and Twitter, looking at friends’ wedding websites, and online shopping, Guy Fieri wants to be in on the fun.

Eater alerts us to this Chrome extension, called the Fierifyer, which is now essential to everything we do on the computer. And for real, it’s just a fan who decided to pay tribute to everything Fieri does … by adding him to EVERY website he views. From the app page:

A fan-made homage to Guy Fieri. I loved the animations and catchphrases from his restaurant’s site so much that I made it available web-wide. This is NOT intended to imply Guy Fieri’s endorsement, I just love his show. Enjoy!

That’s like, serious love for Fieri. But then again, we could all use a little online feedback from our man Fieri. “Slamma jamma that’s a big clamma!”

We also nominate Eddie Huang, Justin Warner, Andrew Zimmern, and Anthony Bourdain for web extensions. Although Bourdain might just scare us, peering into our souls from the Interwebz.


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