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This is a Truffle, Caviar, and Foie Gras-Topped White Castle Burger — And It Costs $400

This is a $400 White Castle Burger

What do you do with a $250 Williams-Sonoma gift card and whole lot of imagination? Put some fancy, 1-percent toppings on a White Castle burger, of course.

Meet the $400 White Castle Burger, thanks to Dude Foods. The inspiration came from that last Christmas gift card, when Nick Chapman decided to spend it all on some fancy Italian white truffles. Naturally, why wouldn’t you put those on a $2 hamburger? Chapman explains the madness:

Eventually we decided that it would be hilarious if I bought these ridiculously priced truffles — the same ones that are used as an ingredient in some of the fanciest restaurant dishes in the world — and added them to a White Castle slider. The idea sort of just spiraled out of control from there when I decided to combine the truffles with every other insanely expensive food I could think of to create the most expensive White Castle slider ever assembled.

What else went on the burger? $80-per-pound cheddar cheese, foie gras (of course), pate, prosciutto, Russian caviar, a fried quail egg, and 24-karat gold flakes. “The only hipster food item that this thing was missing was morel mushrooms,” wrote Chapman. And how did it taste? Disgusting, he says. (We want to know if it was worse than the pumpkin spice latte burger.) Chances are, 1-percent burgers should be left to rot on their own — give us Shake Shack and loco’l, or give us death!

[Dude Foods h/t Foodbeast]

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