This Is What An Anthony Bourdain-Published Book Cover Looks Like

Though it’s coming out in May 2013, the first book off Anthony Bourdain’s Ecco imprint already has a cover. The Prophets of Smoked Meat is written by barbecue blogger Daniel Vaughan, and of course, is covered with all sorts of mouthwatering barbecue porn. Seriously, look at all those delicious barbecued meats. So robust. So brawny. So vigorous. So manly.

(OMG, Anthony Bourdain is degrading food culture through machismo!)

The Prophets of Smoked Meats is, according to Eater, all about Texas barbecue, and covers “pit masters’ recipes, tales of the road — from country meat markets to roadside stands — and a panoramic look at the Lone Star State, where smoked meat is sacred.” If you are one of those barbecue zealots, book preorders are available on Amazon.

Books currently on Bourdain’s publishing roster include a Roy Choi memoir due next fall, an autobiography of a pro kickboxer who returned to competition after heart surgery (WHAT), and a collection of Marilyn “Olive Garden” Hagerty’s columns.


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