This Masochist Bathed Himself in Hot Sauce, and it’s Terrifying


Nothing about bathing in 1250 bottles of hot sauce sounds appealing. Not in the least, not even for a video. British YouTube personality Cemre Candar does not share this sentiment, so he fully submerges himself in hot sauce in a terrifying video for his channel.

At the beginning of the video, Candar is incredibly confident- much too confident. He pours buckets of hot sauce into his tub liberally. He poses and he pours, and he tops the tub off with a bunch of chili peppers. Then, he gets in. At first it looks uncomfortable at worst, but pretty quickly, Candar is in a ton of pain, saying “ooh, it hurts” over and over again. He’s undeterred, though. He drinks some of the sauce, eats a pepper, and then dunks his entire body into the sauce in what is pretty much the most upsetting thing we’ve seen all day (and we’re following the current election).

He screams, “I’m done, take me out,” and proceeds to wash his face.

Hours later, he’s calmed down although his body is still red from the hot sauce. He seems shaken and traumatized. He says, “I’ve been through Hell and come back… It did hurt so bad, I still kind of hurt… I might go to a doctor, to be honest. It was in my nose, it was in my ears. This was the greatest idea I’ve ever had.”

Don’t try this at home.

[image via screen grab, YouTube]

[H/T First We Feast]

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